© Tapani Salmi 2002

After varnishing the wrappings of the guides of your hand-made bamboo rod with epoxy varnish you have to turn the rod for several hours to get a perfectly smooth surface. The turning of the rod can be done manually or with a simple rod turner. The turner may be bought or constructed quite easily by the rod builder. Typically slow motion motor from barbecue (grill) or any other slowly moving motor (e.g. disco-mirror-ball) can be used.

In many cases you would like to turn several rods at the same time. Typically in bamboo rod building you have butt and two tips (3 pieces) or but, mid and two tip sections (4 sections) ready for varnishing. I builded a simple turner with place for 1 - 6 simultaneous rod section to be turning.

CENTRE POLE : a pole with length of 6 feet is required to an axle or shaft. I have used an old cross-country skiing pole but an old graphite rod would be here in real use!
BOARD, PLYWOOD : three round disks with diameter of 4 to 8"
CLOTHESPINS, CLIPS : 18 small clips, eg. clothespins to hold the rod sections
TURNING MOTOR (from BBQ grill, disco mirror-ball etc), PIECE OF BOARD (longer than the pole, eg. 7'), FIRM WIRE to support the pole, HOT MELT GLUE (or epoxy)

Six clips (clothespins) are glued with hot meld glue or epoxy to the edge of the round disks in symmetrical order to hold the rod sections firmly. The disks are fixed (glued) to the pole, one more or less near to the centre and two near to both ends. The clips are adjusted to same line. Two supporting racks (statives) are made from the firm wire to allow the axle pole with the disks and rod sections turn freely. The motor and axle pole are adjusted to same level and connected. See the picture!

The epoxy varnish is apllied to the wrappings. The rod sections are fixed to the clips symmetrically. Place two sections on opposite clips, 3 sections separated with 120 degrees of space etc! Put the motor turning and enjoy!