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After reaching the age of 40-45 years the accomodation of the lens of the eye gets weaker (presbyopia). This results in difficulties to see small objects near to you and to read small text especially in dim light. This is disturbing when making knots, handling small flies, measuring cane strips in bamboo rod building etc.
Typically you need special spectacles to reading and writing. Sometimes an extra magnifying lens is very practical. I have used a single magnifying lens fixed to my fly-fishing hat. The lens is folded under the brim, fore piece or vizor of the fishing cap and it is not disturbing when not in use. It does not disturb or damage your eyeglasses or (polarizing) sunglasses used simultaneously. The price of the foldable lens is less than 2$!


CHEAP "READING GLASSES" : buy cheap "reading glasses" (spectacles with magnifying lenses) with refracting power of +2.5 or +3.0 D (diopters). The bows should be of thin metal and the shape of the lenses quite round. Test the function of the hinge (joint) of the glasses, it shoud be firm and capable to keep the lens folded beneath the brim. From one piece of spectacles you may do two lenses. Typically in Finland the price of these glasses is from 2$ to 4$.
If you are wealthy you may buy some expensive glasses (silver, gold), designed and manufactured eg. by Armani, Gucci or Versace....

CLIP : I have used a clip used to fix electric wires. There are different kind of clips and small clamps available eg. in electric component stores. The clips used in clothes may work as well if they are strong enough to hold the lens folded beneath the brim of the fishing cap.

GLUE (epoxy, cyanoglue), PLIERS, FILE


Protect the surface of the lenses with masking tape to avoid any scratches to the glass. Cut the bows to length of about 1". Cut the connecting piece (nose-piece) of the spectacles just next to the lens and smooth the cutted surface with file. Now you have two separate magnifying lenses with short jointed "legs".
Fix the metallic short piece of the bow to the clip with the glue and thread. Adjust and adopt the clip to have the lens folding beneath the brim or fore piece of the cap. See the photo!
Fix the clip to your fly fishing cap on the side of the "better eye". When not in use you have the lens folded under the brim and it is not disturbing you. When tying a small knot or otherwise needed you just unfold the lens to have an extra magnifying lens in front of you eye (or in front of your sunglasses or regular spectacles).
I use the magnifying lens in addition to the fishing trips also in flytying and rodbuilding!